How we work

The steps we follow to Plan and/or Decorate your special Event are:

First phone call, to book an appointment. It is crucial letting us know the date and place of your event to check our availability before booking an appointment. You are welcome to give as much information and details you wish about your upcoming event – this will help us prepare for our initial meeting.
You are also welcome to e-mail pictures and other information you may have gathered (venues you like, your favourite colors, your bridal gown etc.), this will give us time to study and prepare better for our initial meeting.
Initial meeting at the office. You will describe us your dream event and let us know about your needs and wishes and will get informed about the services we can offer regarding your needs.
We may have to contact you after our first meeting to ask for extra information needed to work on our proposal.
According to your wishes and what we discussed during our meeting, we prepare a Proposal for your Event as well as a Cost estimate for our services.
As soon as we have agreed, Planning begins. On our next meeting you will see two or more ideas regarding different aspects of your event and we will decide about the main aspects of the event and decide about the basic elements of it.
After this, we go on deciding and choosing all the vendors, elements and details of the event, always based on your needs, your wishes and your budget.
If you wish, we can visit venues and vendors together or…
you can just rely on us and relax, enjoying the briefings at the office and the e-mails and phone calls, without extra travelling and spending time.
Keep in mind that the frequency and number of meetings depends on the size of your event but you have a large part in this decision. We will not pressure you to make time if your life schedule is full – but we will happily meet with you and show you the work progress in person whenever you wish.
The day of the event we are present on site from the beginning and during all the important and special moments and, if you wish so, until the end!


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